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My art~ You gotta problem buddy? Huh?? by dragonflame95 And it's mine. Mine! MINE!
lol XD So please don't steal, copy or use for obvious reference without asking.

I am awesome, I am hot,
I am everything you are not!
I am sexy, I am cool,
I shall be your crazy fool! 8D

That's why you don't want to know me... :meow:

And for these guys it is too late:
The Trouble Trio and Hanna
:iconantiimage::icons0s2::iconhuispe::iconjohnnywhoa: <--- :heart:
Especially for her :iconpandapenguin:
and my partner in crime in Marid :iconvehicledestroyer555:


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Awesome art~

Personal TO-DO list:

:icondarkdrawercompany: - Flame and Lyn working

Art trades:
:iconkatiramoon: - Lavender
:icons0s2: - Zigzag and Fin

Temperature - Hiatus till move is over
Marid - Same

:icondrobvirks: - Rathal Aug 4th
:iconwickednavi: - Leaf girl WIP - Gift by Huispe Jul 18th
:iconpandapenguin: - Gotham girls June 12
- :iconvehicledestroyer555: Oct 19th !
- :iconantiimage: Sep 20
:iconretromissile: Sep 27th
:iconmordacaimt: Sep 28th
:iconcomx-1: Nov 15th !
:icongooseworx: Oct 11th
:iconvongrapple: Nov 6 !

My own projects:
Mix meme
3 x 3 meme
Story corner Story corner by Huispe DONE
"Did you know..."
All alter egos WIP - Hannapocalypse by Huispe
Sky remake

Super awesome fantastical picture for :icons0s2:
Fantasy world... for the same person


Artist corner

Portal Stamp - Blue by SparkLumThis is a little thing where I will show you my favorite artists around dA.

Weird and Lonely by R2ninjaturtle:iconr2ninjaturtle:
I realized that this girl seriously deserves a place here with her talent! If you don't know her, then you really should check her out. This girls drawing style is amazing! What can't stop astonishing me is how she can adapt to different styles. There's her very popular Osmosis Jones fan comic, with perfect style from the movie! There's her teenage mutant ninja turtles art, perfectly made! Anatomy, expressions, faces, everything looks exactly how they should. Her disney style, monsters university. Everything! I chose that picture to be the example tho because it shows her own OC, Kannon. Her amazing expression, the pose, and the mood of the picture. All done with same passion as any fan art she has made, and I appreciate that when it comes to her. She makes a lot of fan art, but she doesn't forget her own OCs.

Butterlights by Surkuhupainen:iconsurkuhupainen:
It has been a while since I posted another one of these :3 And this person deserves this. This girl is a long time friend of mine and a big time crazy artist. Why crazy? Because she won't stop until she has learned it all! Not only are her poses awesome and her backgrounds out of this world, she makes every drawing with kick ass details and the cutest outfits. And that's not enough! This girl colors her drawings mostly with markers that after quick drying are far from good looking, yet she somehow manages to color her works with them AND still make highlights. ...And that's not all. According to my friend Cuto-Chan:This girl one day decided she wanted to draw with her left hand instead of right. What happened? She wouldn't stop until she did it and now she draws even better with her left hand. I don't know does she still draw with her left hand or is it even true, but it doesn't make her less crazy. And the cherry on top: Drawings weren't enough. She also makes clothes. She is crazy! Run to the hills!...Or run and check her gallery!

Collab - My funny friend and me by Drobvirks:icondrobvirks:
This artist is probably one of the most amazing people you can run into. Her style IS AMAZING! She makes killer details! She can draw like thousand different styles! She makes kickass backgrounds! She draws probably ten times more than the whole dA. And if that wasn't enough, she does two webcomics at the moment. Not to mention how awesome she made our collab picture look.
If it isn't obvious yet, I am jealous through my teeth XD but I won't hate her~ Because she is also one of the most amazing people I have met. Hard to believe if you don't know her yet, because she has at least 2 daily deviations and I'm totally cool with that... not jealous at all.... *eye twist* Joking XD

Serenity in Blue by yamer:iconyamer:
If you don't know this artist, then you better go check her out NOW! Her style is a combination of mind blowing colors, kick ass line art, shark anthros and art completely out of this world! It is all thanks to this artist where I am right now. Years ago I ran into her gallery and I loved the style. All the colors, lines and characters were just unbelievable to describe. That time of my life, I was at a downfall with my art. I copied works and I'm not proud of that. But all thanks to yamer, I realized I had to start to learn for reals. I took many tips from her style and that's why I'm forever grateful for :iconyamer: for making me a real artist, without her knowing it XD

It's Magic by s0s2:icons0s2:
I met this awesome girl almost a year ago. This was the first work I saw from her and so I fell in love with her art. Not only can she do art fast, she is a killer when it comes to perspective and poses. The amount of imagination that comes out of her art just stuns you and the amazing OCs blow your mind (one of them probably will if you piss her off).

Portal Stamp - Orange by SparkLum


Huispe's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a girl born the late year of 1993 and I have drawn 2D art officially since 2004 and on and off before that. In dA I wish to be known for my freshly started comic, Temperature, but until it gets more popular I just have to settle for "The cliche avoiding gamer girl"- title. One thing people should know about me is that I was born and raised in Finland (Until Oct 2014 when I moved to USA), and so I'm described just like any other Finnish person. A coconut. I'm hard on the outside, and so can seem judgmental, blunt, distant and cold, but if you get through that hard shell, you see the soft inside that makes me caring, accepting and one really weird person to have around XD
Unless you write my name "Hannah". That's when you made your first mistake.

Personal advice:
- "Don't get jealous of someone doing something better at art. Look up, and start learning from them so one day someone can learn from you."
- "Never attach your self esteem to your art. You can feel good about yourself for doing it, but if you do art just for that, eventually you will hate what you used to love."
- "Forcing yourself to learn is one way. Waiting till you want to learn is another."
- "If you want to hear kind words about your art, be ready to do the same for others. If you need to hear words of encouragement, you can be sure that even your idol wants to hear those every once in a while as well."

Current Residence: in Rovaniemi!!!!!!!!
Favourite genre of music: Honestly you can find anything from Hamsterdance to Rammstein on my music player.
Favourite style of art: cartoon
Wallpaper of choice: colorful plz
Skin of choice: ... O_o .....I think I keep this one.
Favourite cartoon character: MC Cobra
Personal Quote: "Just saying"

Go back in calender and look what weekday you were born:
Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.


Commissions, Patreon and November

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 18, 2014, 7:27 PM
  • Mood: Sociable
  • Listening to: Happy . Pharrell Williams
  • Watching: Computer screen

It's links!

:iconcvsh-temperature: :iconcommissionsopen::iconnorequests::iconarttradesfriendsonly::iconcollabsclosed::iconnopointcommissions::icongiftsfriendsonly:

Hi guys! I'm super bored right now so I thought I could waste 5 minutes of your life =P 10 if you're a slow reader.

First off my commissions are still open. I got my tablet pen today :D I'm a bit rusty since I had to spend few weeks drawing traditional... but it's ok! I learned it once, I learned it twice and I can learn it again! So commissions are open! ...It's not easy being in the States without money so I was hoping to make something so I can get my own food every once in a while :XD: also it would be nice to pay the bill on my bank account...
Anyway I'm still keeping the old prices which can be found from this journal!  Money situation bad. Emergency commissions!So remember when I told that I'm gonna have some serious rough time with money this month? Well it's starting. I right now have just about 10 euros for food and after that its gone, I will have no money whatsoever and I have to figure out how to pay my bills for this month.
So I'm opening commissions once more, and the prices are still the lower ones than usual. After my money situation gets better I might move them back up to the normal ones.
Anyway: A small little thing will be changed from before. Basically earlier I asked you to pay only after the picture is completely done, but this time I would like to ask you to pay it when I show you the approval sketch. That way you get something out of it right before paying and I get some food on my table so this artist doesn't have to do starving =P
How it works:
1. You note me about the commission, tell me what you want as well as you can. (Honestly the more detailed description, the better)
2. I get working and will show you the finished

Second! For those who don't want commissions but would still want to support me at least a little, I have a Patreon account. In there you can choose to support me with 1$-7$ a month and the last amount will give you a monthly Patreon only sketch/drawing which can only be seen there. Those who remember my Patreon: I have changed few things there since the last time I mentioned it. Which was forever ago ^^;

Third and last, but not least!
November is coming up and alongside with November comes my wedding~ Oh man it still feels weird to say that XDDDD My mother says she is coming to the wedding and so she finally gets to see where I'm living :)
Also me finally turning 21 feels odd. I don't have excuses after that anymore. I'm seriously an adult then XD I'm actually looking forward to it a little. Johnny's mom is very different from Finnish people and so she plans things a bit different too. For example me and my mom both have birthdays in November. Mine is 12th and hers is 16th, so she is making plans to celebrate both of our birthdays when she comes over. XD Hehehe. I really like her. She is one of those people who just seem to say the right words when you really need to hear them. My biggest problem is trying not to talk about so negative stuff around her since she is a optimist. And I'm Finnish. 8'D but hey I'll learn.

There isn't much anything else that has happened. Most of my days I spend either watching shows, playing games or finishing puzzles while Johnny is at work. Luckily I can draw now so that will kill the time ^^ Hopefully my art block has eased now that I'm finally here... I could really use some actual art. =P

Btw Temperature will return after I can draw on this dang tablet again... I can't even make a circle right now... Here's to relearning it XD
Love you guys! Until next time~

This is the paypal donate button!

What do you think the line on Puikko's face is 

28 deviants said Cheekbone
1 deviant said Mouth


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